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Key research

Efficacy in subclinical infection

Performance Of Ingelvac CircoFLEX® Vaccinated Pigs In A Subclinical PCVAD Herd

A total of 1056 pigs from a system showing no clinical signs of PCVAD were injected with either 1 mL of Ingelvac CircoFLEX® or a placebo at weaning (3 weeks of age)..

Vaccinated pigs weighed on average 107.3 kg vs 104.8 kg (P <0.01) for the unvaccinated control pigs at the end of the study period (day 88). Vaccinated pigs also gained weight faster than the unvaccinated controls resulting in fewer vaccinated pigs (9.8% vs 16.7%) weighing <95 kg and more vaccinates (19.6% vs 12.9%) weighing >115 kg on day 88.

Carcass weight, lean percent and index were also greater (P <0.05) for the vaccinated pigs. Loin depth was 1.8 mm greater (P <0.05) for the vaccinates compared with the controls even after adjusting for the difference in carcass weight.

Young N, Cunningham G, Sanford E. Performance Of Ingelvac CirocFLEX® Vaccinated Pigs In A Subclinical PCVAD Herd. IPVS 2008

Biologic and economic benefits

Ingelvac CircoFLEX® was evaluated on a US 3 site production system by comparison with placebo vaccinated pigs which were co-mingled with vaccinates. Although no clinical signs of disease were observed, the presence PCV2 was confirmed by histological examination of individual pigs representing the study groups.

Vaccinated animals showed significantly

  • Improved average daily weight gain between days 41 and 131 and days 0 131 (p<0.0001)
  • Reduced finishing cull rates (p=0.001)
  • Heavier carcass weight (p=0.01) and greater depth of loin muscle (p=0.0034)

In farms affected with subclinical PCVAD, economic benefit was achieved which delivered a significant four times return on investment.

King D. et al. Biologic and economic benefits of controlling subclinical PCVAD with vaccination. AASV 2008:159-162

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